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having me cut your hair

I've had so many requests on this topic - people asking me to cut their hair. I'm not a professional stylist. I don't really know how to cut hair into fades or etc. Thus, if I did any hair cutting, it would be for entertainment purposes only. If you really want me at Carmen's shop, there are a couple of options:

If you have already booked a hair appointment with Carmen, but you want me there, I charge a $200 for the first hour and $100/hour after that.

If you want me to cut/color/play with your hair, the appointment would need to take place on a Sunday. Carmen's fee* is $200 for the first hour and $100/hour after that. My fee is the same as above - $200 for the first hour and $100/hour after that.

If you'd like to book this, half the amount (non-refundable) would need to be received to katsurth@gmail.com

Other than the date and time, I won't discuss the appointment until the money has been received. (I've had people go on for days asking questions about how many capes, all the colors, asking for photos, etc and then never following through with the appointment).

*Carmen's fee is for her time and her shop. I don't know her normal hair appointment rates. You'd have to ask her. She is located in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Information about her shop can be found at https://www.facebook.com/carmensretrohair/

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