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I saw a photo of Rose McGowan with what looks like a buzz cut. It turns out the article is political. If you don't like politics, visit only for the photo.

NSFW - Bald headed Abigail Dupree photo gallery

In other news, the purple in my hair is extremely faded. My hair is mostly orange blonde with some purple streaks. I coated it with temporary purple hair color for now. I have this one badass video shoot in mind for the hair coloring, but I need a helper. I hope to schedule it next month.

Oh, and tomorrow Calley's Shampoo and Braiding video will be released. No haircutting. Just lots of hair play. :)

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Aug. 24th, 2016 11:45 am (UTC)
A Thought on the Hair Color
Hi Kat,

One thing I have learned about bright hair dyes is that heat helps them set. These are a class of tints called direct dyes and they hold better if you go under a dryer. Of course, if you want them to be brilliant, you need to bleach to pale yellow like you did.

There are a bunch of bright and vibrant direct dyes on the market like Manic Panic, Fudge Paintbox, Jerome Russell, Pravana, etc. I have used Manic Panic and Clariol's Jazz.

Good Luck on the next adventure.

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