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design contest - win $200 in DVDs

As I was added the HaircuttingFun.com logo to photos yesterday, I realized how old and hard to read the current logo is. Because there are so many creative people out there, I thought it would be fun to have a contest for the best Haircuttingfun.com logo that someone could design. The prize is $200 in Haircuttingfun.com DVDs of the winner's choice. (There is no expiration date on choosing the DVDs, and can even be picked out over time). Shipping anywhere in the world is free for the winner.

The contest starts now and ends August 31st at midnight. Entries can be submitted to katsurth@gmail.com

Here is what the old, current logo looks like:

The winner would need to provide the image in PDF format, and the background needs to be transparent. This logo will then be used on photos, website, social media for Haircuttingfun.com. Winner will have to confirm that the logo was made by him/herself, as no copyrighted images/content can be used.

Good luck! :)


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