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For all those sending me emails and messages about putting more or free videos on YouTube, please check out https://www.gofundme.com/help-me-build-a-garage-studio and donate to have your wishes come true. 365 days of videos!

I can't create new videos on my own easily, as I have no space/studio. But by turning my garage into a studio, creating new videos will be much easier. So much easier that I can create a new video every day and post it on YouTube. So, if there's something that you've been asking for, as long as YouTube allows it, it's bound in reality of what I can do, and it's not too costly to do, your donation says, 'Kat, you must do a video of this!'

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Be sure to treat your special someone to a day at the beauty shop. (If you're single, you should treat yourself there instead).

tried out non-roller hair curling methods

Over the weekend, I went through papers on my desk, and I found a few articles that Paul sent me last year. I've scanned them in for your enjoyment.

The Secret of Perfect Curls - Bubble Wrap! from Femail Magazine, January 21st, 2016

How Octopus Highlights can Transform Your Hair

A hair poem

I'm now on the lookout for colored bubble wrap. I'll do a video at Carmen's salon coloring my hair and getting bubble wrap curls, once I find the bubble wrap. I've seen green, pink, purple, and black. I probably only need a few feet of each.

Hair salon scene in Such Good Friends

Thank you, Paul, for sending in photos and info on this movie, Such Good Friends (1971). Here you'll see Dyan Cannon in rollers and a hairnet under a chair hair dryer.

new cape video on YouTube

Yesterday, I tried on two new salon capes. Well, one is a cape and the other a gown. That video can be found at https://youtu.be/2tMa72NPeKM

As folks have asked to see my hair slicked back, here's a photo from yesterday too.

Happy Chinese New Year! This year of 2017 is the year of the rooster. To learn more about this zodiac, visit https://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/social_customs/zodiac/rooster.htm

For those curious, my zodiac is a monkey. Which one is yours?

Happy Groundhog's Day

Being from Minnesota, I'm hoping for an early spring.

trying on capes this weekend

I received a new salon gown yesterday. I will use this one to pattern the gown that I'll be making soon. For salon gowns, do people prefer that they open in the front or in the back? I remember someone asking for snaps closure?

Now I have two capes to open and try on. I will shoot a video of me trying them on this Saturday. I'll post the video on YouTube by Sunday night.

hair in the news

Thank you, Greg and Jim for the following links to the hair in the news.

I Just Learned That Famous Women Swap Wigs All the Time and I Don't Know How to React

Teenager who started going bald at the age of SIX ditches her wig

Why you should be adding SUGAR to your shampoo

Kate Middleton, We Love You, But Please Stop Wearing Hair Clips

The Exact Reason Why Your Hair Hurts

Watching This Woman Get Unicorn Hair Is Straight Up Magical


Coffee-Mate commercial with a bald woman

estimate on garage studio

Yesterday, a contractor stopped over to look at the garage to provide an estimate to give it electricity and to build it up into a studio garage. He had some great ideas, so I asked him to run with them. He said that if he had to give an estimate now, it would be around $20,000-$30,000. But he would provide a written estimate in a week or two.

If you're curious about what my garage looks like currently, I've included photos below.

As you see, the garage needs a bit of work to get it studio garage ready. Once done though, it'll be ready for video creation. :)

I'll start the GoFundMe page after I receive the estimate. I'll ask if I can include the contractor's company's website, for those curious about his work.

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