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For those curious about how long my hair currently is, or what color it is now, you can see my makeover at https://youtu.be/HYh_NPbruOU

I trim my nape, color my hair, paint my nails. For those who like the black latex gloves, I put them off and take them off twice.

photos from Haircoloring on the Run

I've finished editing the Haircoloring on the Run video, and after posting this blog entry, I'll start the rendering process.

This video is around 78 minutes long, and it will be available for free viewing on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to be notified immediately when I post this and other new videos.

Here are photos from this video:

A little behind the scenes trivia - an hour before shooting, as I started to tie the royal blue tie around my neck, over my white button up blouse, when I got this feeling that I was making a horrible mistake. Since I was going to color my hair myself, it was going to get messy and my blouse ruined. So I changed into a different blouse, and I'm glad that I did. As you can see in the photos, the blouse that I wore got stained with purple hair color.

Also, during filming, my husband actually knocked on the garage window scaring the heck out of me. (I removed that footage from the video).

The garage does not have electricity, so a long electrical cord was run from the house.

While some may think that the water and the hair color probably made a big mess, actually the large box of kitty litter below did. The box broke open, dumping the water/hair color clumpy mixture. Will I do a shoot like this again? Probably not. But it was sure fun.

The self hair trim that I gave myself, I had my husband correct, much to his displeasure. (He's afraid to cut my hair as he thinks that he'll just make it worse).

Anyway, I wore black latex gloves, which several people have asked me to wear in the past. And, this video was shot in the garage attic as someone said that they wanted more than "safe, salon videos." Enjoy!
I talk to my mom nearly every day. Yesterday she asked if my hair was still purple. When I told it was, she said that if I had purple hair in the town where she lived, people would think that I was crazy. She then told me that she visited the hair salon earlier that day for a haircut. She says that her hair is now very short.


The two capes that I bought from Amazon arrived today. The royal blue nylon cape is so pretty and is better than I expected. The pink polyester cape isn't as bright as I had hoped. I will open these and show them off during the November's YouTube Live event. This YouTube Live chat event starts at 1 pm Central USA time/7 pm UK London time on Saturday, November 12th.

I'll host the YouTube Live event for an hour, so please be sure to bring your questions then. You'll need to subscribe and visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWe4l0F3vlpielQtDNvEVw I can't wait to chat with you then!

various updates including another live chat

A few people have asked about my health. I had an ultrasound done on the thyroid area, and the left over lump has grown smaller after the radiation treatment, yay! I'll have to have an ultrasound done either once or twice a year to keep an eye on it. I have some other health issues, mostly just constant pain, but that's about it. :)

I'm getting close to having all of the videos moved to https://sellfy.com/headshavinghaircuttingvideos Once done, I can start working on the new website. A template has already been created, so now it's adding everything to it. I'll make sure that DVDs can be purchased through that website.

The video that I shot of my hair coloring and nape buzzing in the garage, I will upload on YouTube. Hopefully by this weekend? I'll see what I can do, I'm swamped at work and am having to work additional time at home. Stay tuned to this blog to find out when I do release it!

Yes, I will do another YouTube Live chat next month, so start saving your questions. The garage has no electricity, so the one in November might be the last one that I do until late spring. I don't want to burn the garage down with too many plug ins from the extension cord. (Although, if the garage burns down, I can get a new garage. *wink* No, my son's baby stuff is in there, and I want to keep that stuff for when I'm a grandma).

Oh, one gal at work who has been on vacation came back yesterday and noticed my hair. She was floored and loves the color. Her adult daughter wanted a similar color, and told me that her daughter's hair is so thick that it needs twice the dye. She told me how her daughter has done ombres, rainbow color, and has wanting something like mine. She was surprised when I told her that I bought my hair dye for around $10 at Wal-Mart. Her daughter had been putting off her latest hair color because of the salon cost. My co-worker said that she plans on stopping at Wal-Mart and then coloring her daughter's hair this weekend. She said that she would have no problems coloring it, as she has been coloring her husband's hair for the past couple of years. (Shhh! That's our little secret). ;)

hair in the news

Thank you to G., G., and J., for the latest hair in the news.

Lovely roller set commercial in Belgium and Holland for Somfy

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'Cancer gives a clarity that is unique': Shannen Doherty shows her hair is growing back

The Artist Whose Hair Is Five Shades of Blue and Green

Kylie Jenner’s New Rose Gold Hair Really Is Something (I think she has gone through more hair color changes than me!)

Why do ponytails cause headaches? (Scroll down after this article - lots of great other hair articles are listed below)

responses to my hair

People are loving my new hair color - dark purple. Some asked where I got it done. Others have said how gorgeous the color is. I agree, and I feel so sexy with this color and bob hairstyle.

At my medical appointment, the receptionist just went wild over my hair. And then she recounted her own hair experience. During grade school she wore her hair to her waist; her grandmother helped her take care of her hair. When her grandmother died, her mother wasn't that pleased with her long hair and grudgingly brushed it, but didn't do a very good job. There would be big knots in her hair. So, her hair was cut to her shoulders where she kept it until a week ago. Now, before I go further, the receptionist didn't realize how wavy her hair was until it was cut shoulder length. The weight of her hair pulled her hair straight. She saw a super cute very short hairstyle on straight hair (she showed me the photo), she brought it to her hairstylist. After the hairstylist realized that the receptionist never had short hair before, the stylist refused to cut her hair that short, but left it about four inches long. Well, her wavy hair turned into what looks like poodle curls!

She is happy with the haircut though, and still wants to go shorter. We talked about how wonderful and better it is to have a shaven nape.
I finally colored my hair during Sunday's video shoot. The video shoot took place in my garage, where I pretended to be on the run from my boss who killed possibly his lover at the restaurant where I worked as a server.

I clippered my nape, which later my hubby fixed somewhat better later on that day.

Later that Sunday evening, I filmed a bit showing off my new color, which I love, love, love.

I had posted a photo of my new color on my Instagram account yesterday & had it post to my Facebook page.

I'll work on this video next week.

Okay, now time some notes from the YouTube Live event and chat I did over the weekend -

Yes, I plan on getting a perm & roller set when my hair is longer.

The textbook that I was in many years ago was Farshchian's Orthopedic Regenerative Series The Knee by Alimorad Farschian. I'm near the back of the book. I was a like a living mannequin, complete with bald head. :)

The one video where the actress left for a cigarette halfway through filming, only to have gotten drinks at the local bar was the Jana Goes to the Barbershop video. (I think that it's obvious about halfway or so in the video. Oops).

Future plans for HCF are
- building an easier website that only uses Paypal
- making a DVD option available
- working on that song parody music video

One thought was getting help in fixing up my garage. Currently, there is no electricity and the interior needs work. One of the previous owners either did, grew, and/or sold drugs from in the garage and it shows. In return, I would do a new video daily for a year and post it on YouTube. The videos would be based on your requests, keeping in mind that it has to be appropriate for YouTube - no nudity, X-rated language, and things of that nature. Good idea? Bad idea?

Someone mentioned that I needed a larger collection of cape. One person mentioned that I needed a royal blue polyester cape? Any others? I'll make a few purchases this weekend.

yesterday's YouTube Live show

Just in case you missed it, you can find my first ever YouTube Live show here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gqJO-_J0I8

I answered questions about my hair experiences, discussed future plans for HCF, and showed off some capes.

If there is enough interest, maybe I'll do another one, but probably at a later time during the day. :)

a few minutes late

I may be a few minutes late - having computer issues.
Today the day...er, well, this morning, that I'll be trying out YouTube Live at 8:00 am central USA time. For an hour, I will answer your questions during that event. If this goes over well, I'll do one in the evening too.

There may be a special link to that event, but for now, it will be on this YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWe4l0F3vlpielQtDNvEVw

If you have to have a YouTube account and you have to subscribe to see the event.

I can't wait to chat with many of you soon!

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