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Which fabric would you choose?

Joann Fabric has a lot of neat fabric. I thought about making a cape or two myself. If you were with me when choosing fabric, which would you choose? Solid color, vinyl, something femme? So many choices for a variety of situations.


Here's a fun story of one woman's decision to make her own haircutting cape - http://unintendedhousewife.blogspot.com/2012/09/making-hair-cutting-cape.html

And instructions on how to make a PVC cape (sorry, the ads are annoying and there are no photos) - http://www.ehow.com/how_8640637_make-barber-cape.html#page=0

Happy Black Friday! View a free video!

For a Black Friday special, Isabel57's haircoloring, processing, and styling video is now on Youtube for free viewing! https://youtu.be/VK8HGKGu4UU

If you're one of those who are joining the Black Friday crowds, stay safe out there. And for the goodies that you are seeking, "may your odds ever be in your favor."

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

hair in the news

Here's your latest hair news.

Eek, yo-yo dieting can make your hair fall out - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3958888/The-TRUTH-yo-yo-diets-Losing-regaining-weight-rapidly-make-hair-fall-harms-heart-obesity.html?ITO=applenews

Country Music Hair through the Decades - http://gardenandgun.com/blog/country-music-hair-through-decades

10 beauty bloggers who are owning the natural hair space - https://mic.com/articles/159163/10-beauty-bloggers-who-are-owning-the-natural-hair-space#.gOU4qpv6V

Bad 80's Hair Trends (I wore a few of these...into the 1990s) - http://www.allure.com/gallery/bad-80s-beauty-trends

Glow in the Dark Hair - http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/news/a41407/glow-in-the-dark-phoenix-hair/

Who said blondes have more fun? Nicky Whelan sports a bizarre brunette WIG as she films - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3882764/Nicky-Whelan-sports-bizarre-brunette-WIG-films-new-Nicolas-Cage-thriller-Inconceivable.html?ITO=applenews

This Ballerina Lost Her Hair After Wearing It In a Bun Every Day - http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty/hair/a46090/ballerina-traction-alopecia-hair-loss/

Did you know that October 14th is Be Bald and Be Free Day? This was listed in some online calendar at work. :)

Thank you to Jim for sending in the following info and links.

Links to information on the Christian base movie "New Life", staring Erin Bethea, who shaves her head for the movie.

CBN Release

Instagram Photos

Link to YouTube Channel with clips of making of Christian base movie "New Life" staring Erin Bethea
From this 28 minute video where a mature Isabel57 colors her hair to cover the gray, are several photos pulled from this video. This video will be released on my YouTube channel this Black Friday.

She talks a lot about her hair. During the processing part of the video, I was surprised that she took a drag of a cigarette. (I had outsourced this video from Isabel57 herself.)

Here are photos from this video:

This Black Friday, I'll be releasing the 28 minute video of Isabel57's haircoloring, processing, and styling video on my YouTube channel.

More information on Isabel57 and photos from this video will be released tomorrow.

I just finished editing this video, and will begin the rendering process soon.

Kendra Holliday and Paula's awesome capes

I nearly forgot! Someone asked me about Kendra Holliday. (I shaved her head bald in one of my videos, with us both wearing latex dresses). I couldn't remember her website during the YouTube Live event, but I looked her up. Her NSFW website is http://thebeautifulkind.com/

And, someone told me that Paula now has her own cape store on eBay. She made me the shiny black vinyl cape that was used in several of my videos. She used to have a Yahoo group, but with Yahoo groups abandoned after Yahoo changed groups, many people moved elsewhere. Paula does take custom orders. Her capes are wonderful.

Answers from today's YouTube Live Chat

I had a lot of fun chatting with everyone in YouTube's Live Chat event today. YouTube says that this video is still processing, but once it's done, it should be viewable at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rpk8G0X6G4.

Here are some of the things that I said that I'd find and post in this blog -

The videos that may seem hard to find, can all be found listed in the Order Form on the Haircuttingfun.com page. One such video was...

The digital version of Redghost and Mistress Bee can be found at http://images4sale.com/57233/More-HaircuttingFun-Videos-57233/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/ImageDate-desc/Limit20/search/redghost

The link above should take you to its video page. I've included a screen shot:

Sometimes, if the exact video isn't brought up, please use a keyword to search. I used Redghost as the keyword. This video title can also be found as the #1 best seller, which makes it a bit easier too. :D

A very long time ago, I created a few free ringtones for a cell phone website. That website allowed to me text when I posted new ringtones or when I was doing webcam events. I looked, but this website no longer exists. If it still existed, I would have suggested that people sign up and be alerted immediately when I was about to go online for a YouTube Live chat. If another website like this exists, please let me know. I'll use it to announce when I am about to go online for chatting again.

Someone asked about what ties and tie shirts I own. A couple photos of what I have can be found at https://www.instagram.com/katsurth/

Now for the Go Fund Me garage repair that I might do in the future, some/most of those videos can be YouTube Live chat videos. If that is the case, when I get my hair done, I can take my phone with and shoot that. =D

The next YouTube Live chat event will be when? I'm not sure. If I do another, I'll post information on it and will schedule it a month in advance.

YouTube Live chat event is tomorrow

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all who have served and who are still serving. Thank you to those who have fallen, and thank you to the families of all soldiers; military life isn't easy.


Wow, it's almost here! Tomorrow, my YouTube Live chat event starts at 1 pm Central USA time/7 pm UK London time on Saturday, November 12th.

I'll host the YouTube Live event for an hour, so please be sure to bring your questions then. You'll need to subscribe and visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWe4l0F3vlpielQtDNvEVw I can't wait to chat with you then!
Thank you, Paul, for sending in these lovely shampoo scenes shot during filming the movie, Ivanhoe (1953), starring beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. I wonder if there is a shampooing scene actually in the movie...

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