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YouTube Live on October 1st

For the first time ever, I'm going to try YouTube Live on October 1st at 8:00 am central USA time. I will answer your questions during that event. I think it will be fun. :)

There may be a special link to that event, but for now, it will be on this YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWe4l0F3vlpielQtDNvEVw I think by subscribing you should receive an alert of new videos and such.

customer service for Sellfy and Clips4Sale

All videos are hosted on one of the following websites - Sellfy, Clips4Sale, and YouTube. Here are the customer service information for each one:

The Contact Support button is located in the upper right corner. http://docs.sellfy.com/ They usually respond within a few hours.

You can submit a ticket, call, or do the live chat. http://support.clips4sale.com/

If you are unable to rent a video because it states that the video is not available in your country, I can look into that. But, for some reason, YouTube doesn't allow Germany to rent USA videos.

As for their customer service, you really can't contact them, but they have lots of helpful documentation at https://support.google.com/youtube/?hl=en#topic=4355266

hair at the office

My hair has faded so much that it's nearly fully blonde. Well, the gals at the office have noticed. They asked if I had did anything to my hair to get blonde. When I told them that the purple hair color had washed out and that I need to re-dye my hair, one gal told me to dye my hair dark blue. She's really into anime.

She told me that she would love to dye her hair gray. She already told her family about her idea, but they started laughing. So, she decided against it, but still wishes that she could do it. I suggested she do it anyway, because she could always re-dye it to another color.

hair theme comics!

It's been awhile since I've viewed the Sunday comics, and I wasn't disappointed.

Between Friends by Sandra Bell Lunday

Real Life Adventures by Wise & Aldrich

Just released! Calley's Shampoo and Braiding video. See Calley in Carmen's beauty salon having her hair shampoo and braided in three styles. Screen size 1440x 1080, duration approx 50 minutes, format wmv. You'll find the video at https://sellfy.com/p/TIBF/

Photos from this video can be found in several places

Preview clip
I saw a photo of Rose McGowan with what looks like a buzz cut. It turns out the article is political. If you don't like politics, visit only for the photo.

NSFW - Bald headed Abigail Dupree photo gallery

In other news, the purple in my hair is extremely faded. My hair is mostly orange blonde with some purple streaks. I coated it with temporary purple hair color for now. I have this one badass video shoot in mind for the hair coloring, but I need a helper. I hope to schedule it next month.

Oh, and tomorrow Calley's Shampoo and Braiding video will be released. No haircutting. Just lots of hair play. :)
I went through all the model releases and contacted those hair models who have had their head shaved (or cut very short) for one of our videos. 90% emails bounced. When I searched for them, I found that they have left their modeling careers behind.

So far, the only interviews that I have are from Calley. I was planning on doing an interview too. Hopefully, at least one of other models will respond. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Lately, there's been a trend in two questions:

"I want to buy capes from your USA country, but the store doesn't ship to my country. Can I have the items shipped to you and you ship the stuff to me?"
Have you tried looking for capes on Amazon? This link will display many capes on Amazon http://astore.amazon.com/haircuttingfu-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=5

If you still want to order from a USA store that won't ship internationally, yes, and I have done this before (please no orders more than $100 as I am charged a 10% income tax fee). I charge $25 for my time. (My post office is very slow, so I usually have to wait about an hour to pick up a package). When you place your order, use either HaircuttingFun as the company or Kat Surth as the resident. You cannot have the package(s) delivered in your name because my post office asks for identification when I pick up package(s), and my identification is not in your name. The post office will send the package(s) back if the package(s) are not in my name.

Please have the company that you are ordering from put a tracking number on the package. Then send me the tracking number and your mailing address. Once I receive the package, I will look up the postage rate at https://postcalc.usps.com/ You will only be charged the amount for shipping that the post office charges. You can use the same website to ensure that I'm not overcharging you on the shipping cost.

You can either send $25 fee + shipping cost via Paypal.com or cash - USA dollars, UK pound, and Euros are fine. For currency conversion, I use http://www.xe.com/.

When I send the package(s), they will have tracking on it. Sadly, not all postage carriers remember to scan the tracking bar code. (Very annoying, trust me). But it should get there at some point. I will find out how long it takes to ship, and let you know. For the nearly twenty years that I've shipped packages, only three were ever lost. (I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages).

My address is

HaircuttingFun (or Kat Surth, whatever your preference)
PO Box 600357
Saint Paul, MN 55106

I will not open package(s) unless they are damaged. But if that happens, I will ask for your permission first. Sometimes people have ordered multiple packages and want me to put everything into one box to save them money on shipping. I can do that.

If you need me to order something for you, I charge an additional $10, because all money that I take in, I must report on my taxes. This $10 will help cover the taxes incurred from excepting your money for placing your order.

Please note that whatever you order, you will be responsible for any customs duty fees or whatever your country charges for allowing international packages. I think that you need to provide a receipt of your order(s) and your identification when you go pick up your package(s).

"The hair stories website is gone. How can I sell my stories on Amazon?"
While I've sold video rentals on Amazon, I have never sold any writing. But I can tell you the basics. Joining https://www.createspace.com/ is free and is how books, videos, and etc are created to be sold on Amazon. Ask a friend to proofread or edit your story. If you don't have a friend who can do this, you might find a good deal for this service on http://fiverr.com or contact your local college and hire an English major. (I'm also available for a reasonable rate, and I do have 10+ years of experience in editing).

Next, you'll need a cover for your story. Take photos, draw, or etc. There are stock companies out there too. CreateSpace does have a wide assortment of covers to use for free. You can also look for CreateSpace/Amazon story/book cover creators on Fiverr. If there is an image of mine that you would like to use for your story, I do offer non-exclusive, royalty-free rights at a reasonable price.

CreateSpace should already have a template that you can use for your story, free of charge. Otherwise, I suggest buying a story that Amazon already sells and see how they set up the format. When I was setting up my Amazon shop, I saw August D. Adams already thought of selling his haircutting stories on Amazon. He has at least a couple of them there, which he sells for $1.99 - $2.99 (The price seems to change at times to one of those).

Good luck and I wish you much success!

"Can you please sell your videos with Paypal?"
Yes, I hope to do so too! :) I have several videos in my Sellfy store and it uses Paypal. Sadly, I don't have all of my videos listed there yet. If there is a title that you want to see there, please let me know, and I will try my best to have it up within a week. I will email you when the video is available on Sellfy, in which you can pay using Paypal.
I'm editing Calley's Shampoo and Braiding video and I pulled several photos from this video. This video will be released on this Friday morning, the 12th.

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